Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to play online games behind firewall

In this article I am going to address an issue with playing online games on a computer with restricted connection. This will also help you in case the administrators are spying on your computer and you want to hide your direct traffic.

If you are wondering:

How to play games if the administrator closed certain ports?
How to play games if you are behind firewall?
How to play games while working without getting caught?
How to play games from university/school computers?
this article is for you.

This method could be used to play MMORPG games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft or even browsing the Internet without revealing your real connections.

Step 1.
Go to: and register with them. It is completely free. Then download the full client here - and install it on your machine.

Step 2.
Download SocksCap32.
This could be done in many places on the Internet but first try here:
Install SocksCap32

Step 3.
Run Your Freedom. Complete the process and add your username/password where asked /account information/. On the ports tabs be sure to have checkbox near “SOCKS 4/5 Port 1080” – leave the port 1080. Then start connection and connect to the server with the lowest latency /the nearest one to you/.

Step 4.
Run SocksCap 32 V2. Go to -> File -> Settings and fill out the SOCKS Server with: | Port: 1080
Make sure there is a checkbox near SOCKS Version 4.
Go to -> File -> New and browse to select the executable file of the application you want to run behind the firewall. If it is World of Warcraft for example you would be looking for WoW.exe. The application will be shown in the window below. With Your Freedom running and connected, just run the application from SocksCap and enjoy. This way you could connect to any online game server and play any online game behind firewall or restricted connection.

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  1. this method only works for 32 bit pc ore lover, if you have 64 bit (windows 7 ore higher) it will not work